The safer injecting briefing – introduction to the web edition
The Safer Injecting Briefing was written between 1998 and 1999, the book used the successful format and style of the Methadone Briefing, but in an area that had previously been even more sparsely supp ... [More]

Injecting and risk - an overview
Injecting drug use is by far the most hazardous way of introducing drugs into the body. A large body of research shows that it creates a serious risk to individual and public health from: * Blood-bor ... [More]

Prevelance of injecting and injecting risk
This article sets out what we know about the answer to the questions - how many injectors are there in the UK? and what do we know about injecting risk? Because of its illicit nature, injecting d ... [More]

Does needle exchange work?
This article seeks to answer the question often asked by those interested in, sceptical about, and hostile to harm reduction. We also explore in some detail the wider question of the impact needle a ... [More]


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