Our 'contract list' service

'Contract list' is an upgrade to our webshop introduced in July 2021 that uses the webshop code base developed to enable us to offer the NSPdirect service, to also enable NSP delivery sites to set up tailored webshop accounts on exchangesupplies.org.

As part of the welcome pack sent to the pharmacy or Needle and Syringe Programme site when their scheme switches to Exchange Supplies they are sent a one-time-use only 10 digit code, and a link to the Contract list page.

When they enter their code and hit 'Enter' our webshop recognises where they are from, and fires them straight through to a page listing the products supplied by their scheme so they can start ordering.

The advantages of this are that:

  • Sites can switch without a visit (although we always telephone to check everything is up and running)

  • Delivery updates are sent by our carriers direct to the destination (instead of the account contact email address)

  • Scheme coordinators can make changes to the equipment list, and instantly change the equipment that can be ordered across all sites.

To see the exchangesupplies.org/contractlist page, click here.


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