Company details - the legal stuff (status, company registration, VAT, etc.)

Exchange Supplies a limited company, the company's registered office is:

Unit 1,
Great Western Industrial Centre,
DT1 1RD.

  • The company name 'Exchange Supplies Ltd' is registered in England & Wales.

  • The company registration number is: 04549601

  • Our VAT number is: GB 730 2691 54 (730269154)

  • Our barcode Global Trade Item Number (GTIN-13) company prefix is 506053997

We sometimes get asked why we're a company, and not a charity, The reason for this is because charities, because of the tax advantages they have, are (quite rightly) much more restricted in what they can do, and they have to have a committee of trustees who are personally legally and financially responsible for ensuring the organisation abides by the law and doesn't lose money. Many of our projects have been both financially risky and had some level of legal risk (i.e. were technically illegal!) so couldn't have happened if we'd been a charity.

If we were setting up now we'd use the Community Interest Company framework, but that didn't exist when we started - however the social contract we have with our customers, and the ethos of Exchange Supplies is the same as those of CIC's: we grew out of the community we serve, and our surpluses are invested in improving the harm reduction response to drug use.


Exchange Supplies,
1 Great Western Industrial Centre,
Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1RD, UK

01305 262244