Job Advert: Vacancy for someone to join our customer service team, based in Dorchester, Dorset.


  • 18.05.2021 – job posted online

  • 21.05.2021 – Heading changed to 'New customer support role(s) as in addition to the full time post, we may create a second full or part-time role.

28th May 2021 – both posts filled.

New Customer Support role(s) at Exchange Supplies: A Social Enterprise

Exchange Supplies is a purpose driven social enterprise working to make the world a better place and reducing drug related harm. We value integrity, trust, kindness, and commitment to working collaboratively to do what we do, as well as we can.

Founded in 2002, our primary focus has always been the provision of products, information, and training to services in the UK and around the world that prevent HIV and hepatitis C infections by providing free equipment. From our base in central Dorchester, we have transformed the way this essential public health intervention is delivered in the UK, and around the world.

In addition, through our online shop we have a customer base of thousands of individuals who buy directly from us – many of them regularly – and we ship more than 500 orders a week to addresses all over the world. We also sell medical equipment to medical device suppliers to generate revenue that can support our work reducing drug related harm.

In 2012 we developed the world's first mass market, low dead space needle / syringe combination to reduce the blood contamination in used injecting equipment. The role low dead space equipment can play in increasing the efficiency of vaccination delivery by enabling an extra dose to be extracted from multi-dose vials has been recognised and is now central to the COVID vaccination programme, and we will be selling over 100,000,000 of our hypodermic needles for vaccine delivery in the coming year!

We are all committed to providing great products and services, and constantly improving to make things better. With the company growing rapidly, we in the process of switching our accounting software from an accounting package called Access Dimensions to the cloud based Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

As we grow, we need to increase our on-site customer support to:

  • Help us coordinate keeping our customers happy, while managing the

  • Accounts system change-over;

  • Extra export administration post-Brexit;

  • Sales returning to normal as pandemic restrictions ease; and an

  • Increased volume of calls and email.

Position Description

Team: Customer Support, and order processing

Hours: Monday – Friday 9 (or 10) to 5

Salary: Flexible, depending on experience.

Location: Working in our central Dorchester office.

Job Purpose

To be at the heart of our customer support team in our central Dorchester office, processing orders, answering customer email and telephone webshop queries, answering courier and customer export queries, and working with the pick-pack-dispatch teams to facilitate the swift dispatch of our products and quick resolution of issues. You will also work with the finance team to help make the accounts system transfer as seamless as possible, and liaise with the sales team to keep our customer service at the highest possible level.

You will mainly work with, and get support from:

  • Customer Support, and order processing team;

  • The warehouse pick-pack-dispatch team;


  • The finance team.

Knowledge and skills:

We are looking for someone who shares our values and has:

  • A love of collaborative team working and providing great service to customers and colleagues;

  • Experience in and an aptitude for a customer service / public facing role (this could be office, retail, or hospitality);

  • A high level of competence and confidence in the use of software, experience of Access Dimensions and/or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central an advantage;

  • A good eye for detail, and a great memory for numbers;

  • Good written English, accurate and fast typing;

  • Great telephone manner;

  • Desire to work collaboratively in an autonomous team in a self-motivated, mission driven organisation;

  • Contagious positive energy; and

  • Confidence, credibility, accuracy, strong communication skills, and the ability to build trusted working relationships with colleagues and customers.

TO APPLY, please send your CV / letter of application by email to

Please note
We are grateful for the time you are taking to read the job information and hopefully apply. We are very sorry, but there are just not enough hours in the day to respond to applications individually: regular updates on the application, interview, and appointment process will be posted here. Thank you for your understanding.


Exchange Supplies,
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