Prevention of modern slavery: introduction to our policies and procedures
Please read this introduction to our Systems, Policies, Procedures and Audit processes that ensure we are an ethical social enterprise, fully compliant with our obligations to Prevent Modern Slavery. [More]

Business Ethics Policy
Exchange Supplies exists to make the world a better place reducing drug related harm. Our business ethics are the core of the culture that will best prevent the incidence of modern slavery in the cond [More]

Systems and processes to identify, manage, and respond to risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains
Our modern slavery policy outlines our commitment to identifying and preventing modern slavery within our operations and supply chains. This policy will be: *Posted to our website; *Communica [More]

Procedure to apply remedy to affected people should instances of modern slavery be identified
We will take all discovery or reports of modern slavery seriously, and investigate them thoroughly. If we identify any modern slavery risks, we will take immediate steps to address them. This w [More]

Whistle-blower policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish a confidential and secure mechanism for employees and other stakeholders to report concerns about unethical, illegal, or fraudulent behaviour, without fear o [More]

Working hours recording, and modern slavery prevention policy
Exchange Supplies is an ethical social enterprise seeking to make the world a better place reducing drug related harm. The guiding principle of our approach to working hours is that the company seeks [More]

Contract of employment policy
Exchange Supplies has a duty to ensure that every person working for the company, within two months of their start date, receives a written statement of employment details that is a legal document des [More]

Grievance procedure
This grievance procedure is intended to provide a fair and consistent process for staff at Exchange Supplies to raise concerns or complaints about any aspect of their employment. This procedure is [More]

Company Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct outlines the ethical and professional standards that employees of Exchange Supplies are expected to uphold. We are collectively committed to conducting business in a socially a [More]

Annual audit of modern slavery compliance
All policies and procedures related to modern slavery will be subject to annual review by the compliance manger and managing director to ensure that they: *Meet the current needs of the organisatio [More]

Modern Slavery Compliance - change log
This is where we will keep a record of changes, revisions, updates, and published audits of our modern slavery compliance policies and procedures. *issue 1.4 October 2023: Updated Contract of emplo [More]


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