Annual audit of modern slavery compliance

All policies and procedures related to modern slavery will be subject to annual review by the compliance manger and managing director to ensure that they:

  • Meet the current needs of the organisation, customers and suppliers; and

  • Comply with all relevant laws and codes of conduct.

We will audit the commitments given, and produce an annual modern slavery compliance report for each of the policies related to modern slavery.

The audit report will have the following content:

  • Executive Summary with an overview of the audit objectives, scope, key findings and overall assessment of the effectiveness of the policy;

  • Brief statement of policy purpose, scope, and applicable legislation or standards;

  • Elements reviewed in the audit, review methodology, and sources of information interrogated;

  • Audit findings, including areas of good practice, non-compliances, and weaknesses in the policy or its implementation; and

  • Action plan: any areas recommended for action will be included in a detailed work plan with who will be doing what, and when.


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