We Ship Worldwide

We ship all our injecting equipment to individuals and drug services wherever they need it. Shipping usually takes around 3-5 days to addresses in Europe (currently often 7-10 days), metropolitan districts in the US usually received goods in around 5 days, (currently often 10 days) and delivery to the rest of the world normally takes 7-10 days (currently 10-21 days).

The only product we can't send abroad is Water for Injections, because it is a medicine, and we don't have a medicines export licence.

Buying for personal use
For individuals orders of up to around 400 1ml syringes will go in the post, and nearly always get through customs.

Our discreet packaging is very discreet - on the paperwork on the outside of the packaging, we declare overseas orders as 'medical equipment' (not as needles /syringes), if the carrier requires that we specify the exact contents we can use a code number (9018311000) so anyone seeing your parcel wouldn't know what was in there. The paperwork inside the parcel has an accurate description of the items, but obviously, once someone is inside the parcel, they can see what's in there ;-).

We have a disclaimer during checkout which says:

By ticking I confirm that I:
  • Accept responsibility for checking that the goods you have ordered can be imported to your country.
  • Understand that Exchange Supplies will not issue a refund for goods seized by Customs.

In practice goods are seldom seized, although we have had problems shipping to Japan.

We ship on a daily basis to Europe, Scandinavia, and the USA.

Drug services and harm reduction programmes
We are able to export on a large scale to most countries, and can supply quantities of needles and syringes from 10 to 10 million (or more).

You can get the unit prices of the products you require simply by putting them in your basket - for large orders the webshop shipping cost will be an estimate - for a more accurate shipping estimate, please tell us what you'd like to buy, and your delivery details in an email to nick@exchangesupplies.org, and we will give you a quote.


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