Total Dose needles are a low dead space needle, with a plastic spike that fits down inside the tip of the syringe to reduce the dead space greatly reducing blood quantity and viral survival.

Total dose needles are available in the 7 most commonly used sizes - yellow (13mm) orange (16mm and 25mm), blue (25mm, 32mm and 30mm), and green (40mm).

Please note that Total Dose needles are designed to fit best on the Unifix 3mL, and Nevershare 2mL syringes.

They do NOT fit on Terumo 1ml, 2.5ml, or 5ml syringes, 'low dead space syringes', The BD 2ml 'Emerald' syringes; or Syringes with a spike that goes into the tip of the syringe.


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