How to find a needle exchange providing free injecting equipment near you in the UK

Most drug treatment services and community pharmacies that are part of the local NSP scheme offer a free, confidential service for people who inject drugs to pick up sterile injecting equipment and dispose of used equipment safely.

The Ask Frank website provides details of local services where you can access support, harm reduction advice and information, and pick up free equipment, click here, add in your town or full postcode and scroll down the 'All services' list to needle/syringe exchange.

WeAreWithYou provide a town or postcode checker to help find your nearest pharmacy NSP, click here

To see if you are covered by NSPdirect our free postal needle exchange service, add your postcode into our postcode checker click here.

The Scottish Needle Exchange Directory provides a list of all the services and pharmacies providing free injecting equipment in Scotland, click here

For NSP outlets in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, click here

For contact details for all the participating pharmacies, and the local outreach teams, click here


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