Prevention of modern slavery: introduction to our policies and procedures

Please read this introduction to our Systems, Policies, Procedures and Audit processes that ensure we are an ethical social enterprise, fully compliant with our obligations to Prevent Modern Slavery.

This is Issue 1.3: August 2023 of this document. The change log is here.

Exchange Supplies are an ethical social enterprise and our purpose is to make the world a better place reducing drug related harm. Our company vision is of a world free of hepatitis B and C, and HIV, where prohibition, stigma, and discrimination against people who use drugs has ended, and work is an inclusive, meaningful, and positive element of life for all.

This means that doing all we can to prevent modern slavery in our supply chain must be implicit in all that we do.

Modern slavery is a term used to describe various forms of severe human rights violations that involve the deprivation of a person's freedom and control over their life for the purpose of exploiting them for profit or personal gain, and includes practices such as forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced marriage, and child labour.

Modern slavery can occur in many industries and sectors, but it is most common in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and domestic work. While we cannot be complacent our medical device products require specialist skilled manufacture, and this work requires training, and a stable workforce. Additionally, medical device compliance adds a level of audit and monitoring that is not present in industries with a high incidence of modern slavery practices.

However, we must remain vigilant and the policies in this document set our commitment to ensuring that our business operations do not condone, support, or involve modern slavery. We have an absolute commitment ensuring that we prohibit the use of forced labour, modern slavery, or human trafficking in any aspect of our business operations.

This introduction, and these policies set out in the table of contents (which is here will be published on our website to be publicly available, advertised on social media, and are also a compulsory element of our internal staff online training. In this way, all policies will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

The policies will be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain effective and relevant.

Key personnel involved in our modern slavery compliance are:

Andrew Preston, Managing Director: Policy sign off, process champion.

Jake McEwen, Compliance manager: Policy and compliance monitoring, record keeping, Designated Whistle-blowing Officer — Receiving reports, and ensuring that they are handled according to the policy.

Claire Robbins: Independent external whistle-blowing ethics advocate. Contactable, here.


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