Nevershare stock shortages (2015/16)

This article is now only of historical interest – supply of Nevershare syringes has now been restored to meet demand.

We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers for the stock shortage problems with the 1ml Nevershare fixed during the second half of 2015, and the first half of 2016.

The Nevershare 1ml fixed went back on sale on Wed 18th May 2016. We do not expect to be out of stock over the next few months.

The stock shortage was caused by manufacturing capacity issues at BBraun, which we were not told about until they were upon us.

BBraun advised us that our 12 week lead time for orders was no longer in operation, that supplies would be restricted throughout 2016, and possibly longer. This will inevitably lead to continued Nevershare fixed 1ml stock shortages, and they were marked as 'out of stock' in the webshop until "at least April".

In over 10 years of trading, we have never been so badly let down by a supplier, or been out of stock of anything for this long, and these problems came completely out of the blue, and we are extremely sorry for the problems that this will cause.

In order to ensure that enough syringes with coloured plungers are available for injectors in the UK WE NOW HAVE ANOTHER FIXED NEEDLE 1ML SYRINGE WITH OUR POPULAR UNISHARP NEEDLE.

Resumption of deliveries, and demand reduction following the launch of the 29 and then 30g 'Unisharp Fixed Needle 1ml' syringes which cost less than the Nevershare, HAVE A COLOURED NEEDLE CAP AND PLUNGER AND ARE NOW IN STOCK. For details, click here.

We will continuedto fulfil orders for Nevershare fixed 1ml syringes to customers as and when we had stock.

These issues did not affect the 2ml nevershare syringe.

Last updated: 27th December 2016


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