Our Brexit Plans

Last updated 15.02.2019

It is impossible to know what is going to happen, or what to believe with 'Brexiteers' all saying 'it'll be fine', and the 'Remainers' working hard on 'project fear' no one really knows what the truth is any more ;-(.

All the information we've had from the government indicates that imports from outside the EU will be unaffected so:

  • Unisharp needles
  • Unisharp syringes
  • Total Dose Needles; and
  • Foil

will all be fine.

Water for injections is EU manufactured, but we have many months stock.

The Nevershare syringe is manufactured for us by BBraun, we have more than 8 weeks stock, and they have a team of people working on their supply chain, and have increased stock so it will have to go pretty badly wrong for us to run out.

If you have any further questions, please email Andrew [at] exchangesupplies.org and we'll endeavour to find the answer to your query.


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