The website

We hope you find our website easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Exchange Supplies isn't one of those huge companies with hundreds of staff and a massive website with the bare minimum of information needed to sell stuff: it's all hand crafted.

The website is a collaborative team effort between us at Exchange Supplies, our graphic designer Mark at Fluke Design, and our IT company Enhanced Computer Solutions who wrote the software that makes the webshop work.

Andrew and Mark designed the website, and gave the pictures of how we wanted it to look to Mark Machin from Enhanced to code into a fully functioning website that works in all web browsers.

Mark wrote all the code for the webshop database in a computer language called php, and has written it so we can log into the site content manager from anywhere, and make changes - so If you spot any mistakes or missing links, or if you don't understand anything, send an email to and it'll be fixed ASAP.

The webshop is fully integrated with our accounts system (a programme called 'Access Dimensions') so that when you place an order, the webshop is able to load it straight into Access with no re-keying of information - and the order lands on our computers in Dorchester with a pre-prepared illustrated packing list, your delivery note, and a copy of the invoice/payment details all ready to be printed out, and sent off to you.

The software that links the webshop with our accounts system was written by Mark's colleague at Enhanced, Andrew Oborn.

This means that if there's any features you think we should add to the site, or things we could do to help you find what you're looking for, drop a line, and we might well be able to sort it out - indeed, if it's something that's already possible from within the database (and it usually is ;-), we will be able to do it straight away.


Exchange Supplies,
1 Great Western Industrial Centre,
Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1RD, UK

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