The truth behind pure heroin and bad heroin media stories
It will come as a surprise to many that in reality 'pure heroin', and changes in purity being the cause of overdose death of drug users in the UK is a media myth. As a headline, 'pure heroin kill ... [More]

From fix to foil: The Dutch experience in promoting transition away from injecting drug use, 1991 - 2010
This article by John-Peter Kools describes the transformation in route of drug administration away from injecting in The Netherlands. It describes the Dutch drug setting in the early 90s, autonomous ... [More]

What is addiction?
The words addict and addiction are used thousands of times a day in newspapers and on TV and radio. At the same time it is both loaded with meaning, and virtually meaningless. It is a notion that is ... [More]

motivation and change
Like addiction, 'motivation' is a word often used in relation to drug and alcohol use – people are often described as either having 'motivation to change' or not, but in reality life is more compl ... [More]

The retractable syringe debate
There are a large number of syringes developed for use in healthcare settings that cannot be used a second time, the use of which are, from time to time, proposed for distribution by needle exchang ... [More]

Moving from needle exchange to safer injecting services
Needle exchange was a term that was coined in the 1980's when the idea of providing injecting equipment to injecting drug users was novel and challenging. In those early days it wasn't initially cle ... [More]

What & Why? Magic mushrooms
What and Why? Magic Mushrooms. Psilocybe semilanceata or 'liberty cap' magic mushrooms are common fungi that grow on grassland in the UK, usually from early September to the end of October, and whi ... [More]

Does needle exchange work?
This article seeks to answer the question often asked by those interested in, sceptical about, and hostile to harm reduction. We also explore in some detail the wider question of the impact needle a ... [More]

Is it right to make injecting equipment available online?
Sometimes people express the view that it's not right to offer injecting equipment available for sale online directly to drug users when this might result in them not attending services. We've writ ... [More]

Should drug users be paid in cash or tokens for participation in od training?
The idea that we shouldn't give drug users cash because they might spend it on drugs is the sort of highly judgemental thinking that is likely to reduce contact with the most at risk groups. In fac ... [More]


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