Facilitating foil supply agreements with the police
This article contains the text of a template letter that can be completed by drug services who wish to extend harm reduction provision to include items that are not yet covered by specific exemption ... [More]

Drug paraphernalia and UK law
Paraphernalia supply has been a problematic legal issue in the UK since the inception of needle exchange. This page explains the legal issues, and charts the history of the impact of the law on drug ... [More]

Response to the MHRA consultation on increasing the 2ml limit on the size of water for injections ampoules that can be supplied to injecting drug users
At the end of April 2011 we were asked by the MHRA, as part of an industry consultation excercise, to comment on a proposal to amend the Medicines Act to allow quantities of Water for Injections gre ... [More]

Repeal section 9a!
Given the fact that it's no longer used by the police, we believe the most sensible option for the future would be full repeal of Section 9a. We recognise that the emotive nature of media portray ... [More]

Section 9a of the Misuse of Drugs Act – a timeline
This article has now been incorporated into our comprehensive introduction to drugs, paraphernalia and the law. To read the article, click here. ... [More]


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