Injecting and risk - an overview
Injecting drug use is by far the most hazardous way of introducing drugs into the body. A large body of research shows that it creates a serious risk to individual and public health from: * Blood-bor ... [More]

Syringe Dead Space and hepatitis C infectivity
The Total Dose needles and other dead space reduction measures have had their effectiveness at reducing hepatitis C infectivity tested by Professor Robert Heimer's team at Yale University, and the res ... [More]

Last updated 22.05. 2017 ...Fentanyl and other powerful opioid analogues have been causing huge numbers of overdose deaths in North America for some time, and it now appears to be making it's way into ... [More]

Introduction to the harm reduction advice articles
Most of the harm reduction advice on is located in the product information and/or in our publications which are all available to read online, free of charge. However, sometim ... [More]

How to make a foil pipe
The reason for supplying quality aluminium foil in a form that makes smoking heroin and crack cocaine easier, more efficient, and more effective, is to make smoking a more viable option for people w ... [More]

Stopping smoking, nicotine replacement therapy and ecigarettes
Smoking tobacco is much more common amongst users of illicit drugs than it is amongst the general population, and it can seem like a minor problem in comparison to those caused by injecting or illic ... [More]

Overdose awareness training
Overdose response training is a potentially life-saving intervention that should be offered to injecting drug users and their families and friends, and we have published the Exchange Supplies OD tra ... [More]


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